Att rita en ellipse!

Idag i årskurs 7 jobbade vi med att rita en ellipse. Eleverna fick i uppgift att rita av en låda för färgpuckor genom att först blockera in grund formerna. Här är en länk till en film på youtube för att demonstrerar hur man ritar en ellipse i en punkts perspektiv.

När man har blockerat in grundformerna, kan man börja att lägga till sin egen personlighet och stil i bilden. Vi pratade också lite om hur man behöver använda sig av både den analytiska och kreativa sidorna av sin hjärna för att kunna rita och måla.




Här är en text som förklarar, på engelska, varför det är så viktigt att lära sig att börja en teckning genom att blockera in grundformerna först:

The Necessity of Blocking-in. It has ever been a difficult matter for teachers of drawing to instill in the minds of beginners the value and importance of blocking-in; that is to say, getting the general shape and relative proportions of the component parts of the picture before endeavoring to describe, in line or tint, any of the minor details or even main characteristics of the picture. The group or figure as a whole, rather than the objects in a group or the minor details in a figure, are the points to be fixed at the outset, with guide-lines, as few and faint as possible. Every change in direction should be thus indicated. The purpose of this may be made clear when it is stated that it would be advisable to get the general shape of a tree before drawing the individual leaves thereof.

Blocking-in has more than an immediate value to the pupil, for its use as a method of initial procedure induces a correct habit of observation. It maintains and increases the tendency to look at the whole before the parts, to seek mass rather than detail. For all time it broadens the style of the artist.

Example of Blocking-in. The manner of blocking-in, as shown in Fig. i, is the way to start a copy of Fig. 2. Pick out the general direction of the lines in the original where

How To Draw Guide - Blocking In 1.jpg

simple geometrical figures may be formed. After the exercise of a little imagination the eye can form lines that correspond with forms with which he is familiar, such as the square, the triangle, trapezoid, etc. It may be well to reiterate that the blocking-in lines always should be represented in the drawing by pencil marks so faint that they can be easily erased as soon as their presence is no longer necessary.

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